Glossary - Wig Terminology

This page is under construction - I shall be slowly adding terms as and when they crop up.

Foundation - the wig cap/base onto which hair is ventilated.

Foundation material - the fabric, which is usually a type of net (bobbinet/tulle), used to make the wig foundation (cap/base) onto which the hair is ventilated (knotted).

Galloon - a type of fabric tape that is used to make the edge, and sometimes parts of the middle, of a wig foundation. It provides structure to the wig. Lace or other foundation material is sewn to the galloon. N.B. you do not need to use galloon in a full lace wig.

Lace - a type of foundation material (see that term) usually made with hexagonal holes. It comes in various types (known by many different names). Variations relate to strength (durability) of the material, fineness (how visible it is against the skin), the size of the holes, colour/shades etc.

Needle holder - A ventilating needle has to be inserted into a needle holder. The needle holder provides a handle for the wig maker to hold so that they can use the needle. Holders can be made of plastic, brass or wood.

Tulle - A type of wig net that usually has reasonably large size holes. It can be made from cotton or from man-made fibres. The cotton vesion is less hard wearing than the man-made fibre version. Tulle is good for use at the back and sides of a wig, and is particularly useful if you wish to sew wefts onto a wig at the back/sides as it is hard wearing so can support the weight of lots of wefts and the holes are big enough to easily get a sewing needle through. It is generally not suited to use on the crown/vertex area as the holes are too big to cover easily.

Ventilate - to knot hair to a lace, net, tulle or other foundation material.

Ventilating needle - this is the needle which the wig mker uses to knot (ventilate) hair into a wig or hairpiece. There are different types of needles. Typically people use either a German or Korean needle. German needles are larger. Korean needles are smaller. There are also needles for ventilating into other materials such as thin-skin.

Ventilation - see ventilate.

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